The Varman Dynasty

The Varman Dynasty (অসমীয়াত প​ঢ়িবলৈ তললৈ  Scroll ক​ৰক​) The political history of Assam dates back to the reign of the Burman dynasty. In prehistoric Assam, we found Austrian Asians. There is no historical evidence of the entry of the Mongoloids into Assam and the establishment of the dynasties of DanavaContinue Reading

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The Arrival of the British and the End of Ahom Rule in Assam How British Rule Began in Assam ??? Assam’s rich history includes a period of significant transition as British colonial rule extended its reach into the region during the early 19th century. This article delves into the circumstancesContinue Reading

Assam GK for Competetive Exam 1) Which day is observed as Rhino Day in Assam: A) 3rd July B) 19th August C) 22nd September D) 29th October 2) In which district “Sri Surya Pahar” is located: A) Dhubri B) Goalpara C) Darrang D) Chirang 3) Which one is the highestContinue Reading

Assam History MCQ Part ii

Prehistory Period (Before 4th Centuries CE) 1. According to the epic Mahabharata, who ruled the Pragjyotishpura kingdom during the Kurukshetra war?  A. Bhaskarvarman  B. Bhutivarman  C. Narakasur  D. Bhagadatta    2. Which Kamrupa King took part in the Battle of Kurukshetra (the Mahabharata War)  A. Naraka  B. Bhagadatta  C. Bhaskarvarman Continue Reading

Prehistory Period (Before 4th Centuries CE)  1. The History of Assam can be divided into_____ eras.  A. 3 eras  B. 4 eras  C. 5 eras  D. 6 eras    2. In Ancient times, Assam was known by the name of  A. Kaliabor  B. Guwahati  C. Pragjyotisha  D. Charaideo    3.Continue Reading