Prehistory Period (Before 4th Centuries CE) 

1. The History of Assam can be divided into_____ eras. 

A. 3 eras 

B. 4 eras 

C. 5 eras 

D. 6 eras 


2. In Ancient times, Assam was known by the name of 

A. Kaliabor 

B. Guwahati 

C. Pragjyotisha 

D. Charaideo 


3. Which one of the following epics is considered as the highest source of the Prehistory period of Assam? 

A. Mahabharata 

B. Harshacharita 

C. Kalika Puran 

D. Arthasastra 


4. Who was the earliest king of Pragjyotishpur? 

A. Bhasakar Varman 

B. Mahiranga Danava 

C. Narakasura 

D. Banasura 


5. Mahiranga was Sanskritized from 

A. Nilachal 

B. Chitrachal 

C. Patkai 

D. Mairong 


6. What was the ancient name of Assam mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata? 

A. Kamarupa 

B. Indraprastha 

C. Pragjyotishpura 

D. Assam 


7. According to Ramayana, Amurtyaraja was the founder of the kingdom of? 

A. Pragjyotisha 

B. Kamarupa 

C. Harupeswar 

D. Cooch Behar 


8. Narakasura founded which dynasty? 

A. Pala dynasty 

B. Varman dynasty 

C. Salasthamba dynasty 

D. Bhauma dynasty 


9. Ghatakasura was killed by? 

A. Narakasura 

B. Bana Raja 

C. Mahiranga Danava 

D. Bhasakar Varman 


10. According to Pre-History sources, the mother of Narakasura was 

A. Dharitri 

B. Hidimba 

C. Usha 

D. Ulupi 


11. Ghatakasura was a ruler of the 

A. Aryans 

B. Kirats 

C. Dravidians 

D. Mongolians 


12. Who was killed by the first Naraka King Narakasura and established the Bhauma dynasty? 

A. Pushyavarman 

B. Ghatakasura 

C. Bhaskarvarman 

D. Gopala 


13. Name the two medieval texts that were compiled in the region of Assam: 

A. Ved and Puran 

B. Kalika Purana and Yogini Tantra 

C. Kaunji Khel and Yogini Tantra 

D. Namanjali and Kirtan 


14. The tantric text “Yogini Tantra” is dedicated to the worship of two goddesses. One is kali and the other one is? 

A. Mahamaya 

B. Kamakhya 

C. Tara Devi 

D. None of the above 


15. According to which of the following ‗Purana‘, the temple of Kamakhya was in the centre of Kamarupa? 

A. Vishnu Purana 

B. Kalika Purana 

C. Shiva Purana 

D. Yogini Tantra 


16. According to the Kalika Purana, Naraka the mythological ancestor of the Varman dynasty was the son of: 

A. Varaha form of Vishnu and Bhumi 

B. Kartick form of Shiv and Parborti 

C. Srikrishna 

D. None of the above 


17. Ranapith, Kampith, Swanapith and Saumarpith were the four divisions of the ancient Kamrupa. Which of the following historical composition mentions about these four divisions? 

A. Yogini Tantra 

B. Kalika Purana 

C. Vishnu Purana 

D. Mahabharat 


18. Hinduism was established in Pragjyotishpura by the king 

A. Narakasur 

B. Sri Krishna 

C. Bhagadatta 

D. Banasur 


19. Naraksur was killed by 

A. Shiva 

B. Sri Krishna 

C. Bhagadatta 

D. Banasur 


20. Who killed Mura, the general of Narakasura? 

A. Shiva 

B. Sri Krishna 

C. Bhagadatta 

D. Banasur 

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