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The Battle of Saraighat: Ahom Dynasty Part V Welcome to “The Assam Scholar,” your ultimate destination for enriching educational content! In this gripping video, we delve into one of the most significant events in Indian history – The Battle of Saraighat, fought under the fearless leadership of the legendary Lachit Borphukan.

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The Battle of Saraighat

This was a naval battle fought in 1671 between the Mughal Empire and the Ahom Kingdom on the Brahmaputra river at Saraighat, now in Guwahati, Assam, India. The battle was the last major engagement in which the Mughals attempted to extend their empire into Assam.

The Ahoms were led by Lachit Borphukan, a brilliant military strategist. He devised a plan to lure the Mughal fleet into a narrow channel at Saraighat, where it would be vulnerable to attack by Ahom artillery and rockets.

The Mughal fleet, led by Raja Ram Singh, was heavily outnumbered. However, they were confident of victory due to their superior firepower.

The battle began on March 4, 1671. The Mughal fleet advanced into the channel, but they were met with a hail of gunfire from the Ahoms. The Mughal ships were quickly sunk or disabled, and Raja Ram Singh was killed.

The Mughal defeat at Saraighat was a major turning point in the Ahom-Mughal conflict. It effectively ended Mughal attempts to conquer Assam, and it helped to secure the Ahom kingdom’s independence for over two centuries.

The Saraighat Battle is considered one of the most important battles in Assamese history. It is a symbol of the Ahoms’ courage and resilience, and it is a reminder of the importance of defending one’s homeland.

Here are some additional details about the battle:
  • The Ahoms had a much smaller army than the Mughals, but they were better trained and equipped for naval warfare.
  • The Ahoms used a variety of weapons, including cannons, rockets, and muskets.
  • The Mughals were caught off guard by the Ahoms’ strategy, and they were unable to effectively respond to the Ahom attacks.
  • The Battle of Saraighat was a decisive victory for the Ahoms, and it helped to secure their independence for over two centuries.
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