GK Assam

GK Assam Question Part 2

GK Assam Question Part 2

Q1. In which part of Assam is the Terai Zone situated?
Ans – East Zone

Q2. During Indian Independence, how many districts did Assam have?
Ans – 13

Q3. Who established the Barpeta Satra in Barpeta?
Ans – Sri Madhab Deva

Q4. Through which district does the Dikrong river flow?
Ans – Lakhimpur District only

Q5. Who was the first tea planter in India?
Ans – Maniram Dewan

Q6. Which place is well known for its bell metal craft?
Ans – Sarthebari

Q7. What is the State Seal of Assam?
Ans – Axom Sorkar (Assamese term), Government of Assam (English Term)

Q8. What was the capital of Assam during the British Raj?
Ans – Shillong

Q9. Who was appointed as the first Police Commissioner of Guwahati?
Ans – Jyotirmoy Chakravarty

Q10. The peacock island of Assam is also known as?
Ans – Umananda island

Q11. When was Nagaland separated from Assam?
Ans – 1963

Q12. What is the State Language of Assam?
Ans – Axomiya (Assamese term), Assamese (English Term)

Q13. What is the tallest existing temple in Assam?
Ans – Maha Mrityunjay Temple (Location – Nagaon)

Q14. In the Allahabad pillar inscription, central Assam is mentioned as?
Ans – Davaka

Q15. In which reign did Hiuen Tsang visit Assam?
Ans – King Kumar Bhaskara Varman

Q16. The Assam Medical College was formerly known as?
Ans – Berry White Medical School

Q17. The first Community Radio Station in Assam was started by?
Ans – KKH State Open University

Q18. What is the meaning of ‘Hasao’ in the word ‘Dima Hasao’?
Ans – Hills

Q19. Who was the patron king of Madhava Kandali?
Ans – Mahamanikya

Q20. Who was the first speaker of the Assam Assembly?
Ans – Babu Basanta Kumar Das

Q21. Which season is associated with Bordoichila in Assam?
Ans – Pre-monsoon season

Q22. The widely practiced occupation in Assam is?
Ans – Agriculture

Q23. Khajuraho of Assam is?
Ans – Erotic iconography at ruins of the Madan Kamdev temple complex

Q24. Through which river does Nameri National Park flow?
Ans – Jia Bharali

Q25. Which city was once the capital of the Muttack Kingdom?
Ans – Tinsukia

GK Assam Question Part 2

Q26. How many district courts are there in Assam?
Ans – 29

Q27. What is the name of the Assam woman commando unit?
Ans – Veerangana

Q28. Who was the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana?
Ans – Madhab Kandali

Q29. The logo of the Assam Sahitya Sabha was designed by?
Ans – Jugal Das

Q30. How many agro-climatic zones are there in Assam?
Ans – 6

Q31. What is the length of the Brahmaputra River in the territory of Assam?
Ans – 640 km

Q32. Which Indian state is the largest producer of bamboo?
Ans – Assam

Q33. The first-ever National Award winner Assamese singer is?
Ans – Tarali Sarma

Q34. The ancient name of Assam as mentioned in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata is?
Ans – Pragjyotisha

Q35. Who is also known as the ‘Lion Man’ of Assam?
Ans – Radha Govinda Barua

Q36. Assam along with other North Eastern Region States lies in which biodiversity hotspots?
Ans – Indo-Myanmar and Eastern Himalayas

Q37. The first and only Sanskrit College in Assam is situated at?
Ans – Nalbari

Q38. Who was the first Assamese to receive the Arjuna Award?
Ans – Bhogeswar Baruah

Q39. When did Assam get its Statehood?
Ans – 1950

Q40. Who is the first Assamese to climb Mount Everest?
Ans – Tarun Saikia

Q41. How many oil refineries are there in Assam?
Ans – Four ( Digboi oil refinery, Guwahati (Noonmati) oil refinery, Bongaigaon oil refinery, Numaligarh oil refinery )

Q42. ‘Danveer’ title was given to a tea planter, an Assamese person whose name was?
Ans – Radhakanta Handique

Q43. Garh Doul is located in?
Ans – Tezpur

Q44. What was the name of the British Officer who was killed during the Phulaguri uprising?
Ans – Lt. Singer

Q45. What is the total length of the Brahmaputra River?
Ans – 2900 km

Q46. When was the North-Eastern Frontier Railway (NFR) set up?
Ans – 1958

Q47. Jadav Payeng was awarded Padma Shri in the year?
Ans – 2015

Q48. Who was the first president of the Assam Association?
Ans – Raja Prabhat Chandra Baruah

Q49. On which hill is the Umananda temple located?
Ans – Bhasmacala Hill

Q50. The National Institute of Design is located in which city?
Ans – Jorhat


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