📅 **AHSEC HS 1st Year Exam Routine 2024 Released!** AHSEC HS 1st Year Routine 2024: Exciting news for Higher Secondary First Year students! The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) has officially unveiled the schedule for the Assam HS 1st Year Examination 2024. – **Exam Commencement:** 21st March 2024 –Continue Reading

Assam History MCQ

Assam History MCQ (The Varman Dynasty) 1. The Tamralipti in ancient times was famous as? A. Capital B. Business place C. Sea-Port D. Market 2. Li Yi-Piao visited Kamarupa during the reign of? A. Naranarayan B. Brahmapala C. Balavarman D. Bhaskarvarman 3. According to Hiuen Tsang, the people of KamarupaContinue Reading